US Kids (42") Ultralight Junior Sand Wedge (4-6 Years)

US Kids (42") Ultralight Junior Sand Wedge (4-6 Years)

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These clubs are the perfect way to introduce your youngster to this fantastic game. As they are sold individually, you can try them with just one and then build up the set as they progress.

The US Kids Irons feature:

  • Optimal Height Range 42 in. to 45 in.
  • WT-25u model (25% lighter club heads)
  • 56 degree loft
  • 12 degree bounce
  • K-Flex graphite shaft
  • Appropriately sized grip (replacements available)
The Ultralight iron head is engineered with a wider sole and a lower centre of gravity to help launch the ball into the air. The increased heel/ toe weighting produces more forgiveness on off-centre shots.
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